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Cummins ISG Engine for Sale

Highway compatible engines are a big part of the Cummins company manufacturing for HD series motors. Cummins launched its G designs to provide low weight in the carriage while not decreasing expected horsepower. It is power and performance that motor buyers search for when conducting research for a replacement. This Got Diesel Engines company resource center provides Cummins ISG engine for sale information.

The strength of manufacturing is one of the strong suits in the Cummins family. While most builders of truck motors focus on one engine type, the ISG builds are one of the flagship creations that are designed for multiple applications. The innovations that have been placed into the design and metrics of creating modern day heavy-duty motors are pioneered in the U.S. by Cummins.

Cummins ISG Motor Specs: ISG11 or ISG12

The G motors have a base ratio for horsepower currently at 290. This power level is increased with the ISG12 model which boasts a 512 ratio. Changes recently in emissions standards in different states has created some new designs in the Cummins company. The long-haul industry has been affected by certain technological improvements in the ISG, ISX and other brands in current production. A single cam in head design forms the basic block of the ISB Cummins motor.

The truck market has been kind to Cummins over the past several decades as more emphasis is placed on easy shifting and high output. Cummins responded with ISG motors for recreational vehicles, motor homes, city buses and fleet vehicles. A leveled off power ratio preserves fuel economy in the ISG11 or ISG12 Cummins motors that are for sale as used on this website. Completing a purchase from a reputable source like GotDieselEngines.com removes the common frustrations when buying a Cummins motor from a web retailer.

Buying Cummins ISG Used Engines: What to Know

The gross weight is usually different for a used motor compared to one that has already been installed. The application of fluids and other components greatly increases the actual load on the engine platform. The ISG11 motors have a displacement of 10.5L while the ISG12 has a higher 11.8L. Both of the motors have a weight rating of 1700 pounds. The super high cost of shipping one of these OEM motors is hard for small retailers. What a person buying should know is that shipping is complimentary here.

Most Cummins motors are now manufactured in India or in China at various operating plants. This allows direct exporting into the United States and to most European countries. The heavy-duty truck market often dictates the popularity of motors that end up in the second hand industry for purchasers of auto components. The road tested Cummins motors that are listed for public ordering on this website always include an active third party warranty.

How to Buy ISG Series Cummins Engines

Going head to head with auction companies and other national retailers is not the goal of this website. Providing factual and relevant information to the gasoline and diesel engine buyer is what is offered. Someone who will buy a used Cummins motor here has the choice to ask for pricing in advance. The choice to be made consists of a phone quotation or one that is delivered through this resource. Every person receives the same low price tag offered at any time of the year.

Asking for a quote in price is really simple. This creates a much better resource when exploring a diesel or gasoline Cummins model engine. Do Cummins motors have XPI fuel systems? These types of questions are always answered by the coordinated sales staff. This is the staff that consumers interact when using the quotes tool or dialing by phone to get the most updated diesel motor data.