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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used Cummins ISC8.3 Engine

Cummins builds its ISC8.3 engine for trucks and motorhomes. While there are some differences, the blocks are almost identical. The ability to refine diesel technology has proven to be a winner globally. Through power and a lot of torque, the used Cummins ISC8.3 engine inventory on sale here helps consumers.

8.3-Liter Engine Specs

The medium-duty and on-road truck models have slightly less horsepower. The range of 260 hp to 360 hp is all that is provided. For a recreational vehicle, a 380 hp level is achieved. The ISC takes about 6 full gallons of oil. The weight for shipping calculations is well over 1,500 pounds.

The ISX15 engine uses the same fuel system as the 8.3 series. This keeps the EGR and emissions systems in check with state regulations in the USA. Like most modern diesel motors, the Cummins blocks have an ECM module installed. This controls many features by way of electronics.

A 2200 RPM governor keeps the block in check. For over-the-road usage, this provides protection from complete failure due to high performance. The stock OEM builds sold through service centers only come with two-year protection policy.

Second Hand Diesel Motors

There are plenty of remanufactured models that are promoted for sale. Not all are built in reliable facilities. Anyone can replace a part or two and call the work complete. The actual block mileage is never erased although some components are swapped.

GDE retails only authentic Cummins designs. These are pulled from wrecked trucks, salvaged RVs and derived from dismantlers nationally. An overview procedure is conducted before admittance to the warehouse is made. This raises the consumer value.

Prices for Replacement ISC8.3 Blocks

Complete assembly pricing should not be all over the place. Paying one fee for acquisition, a core charge and then shipping is just too expensive. A one-time price that is calculated for consumers is provided here online. These quotes lock in all savings that are given.

Calling the toll-free number for support or questions is a good idea. Getting confirmation from a components specialist erases quality issues. Our team is available daily for processing of orders, requests and shipping arrangements for our fleet of used Cummins diesels.

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