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Used Cummins ISB6.7 Engine for Sale

ISB6.7 is a Cummins diesel engine block. These include a VGT turbo. What makes these units unique is that they are found in numerous vehicles. In the USA, Canada and Europe, large and medium trucks utilize the B-series motors. People who are hoping to replace an outdated or defective build can shop on this website. All Cummins ISB6.7 engine for sale inventory is ready to ship.

ISB6.7 Specs

Like early Cummins models, a high pressure common rail fuel system is installed. A solo ECM provides the electronic controls for diagnostic readers. This high-tech control system was added to all OEM 6.7 units after 2013. The weight of a dry block is about 1,150 pounds.

The EGR system regulates the emissions in most diesel assemblies. One thing unique to the ISB is the use of a governor. The limitation of 2600 RPM prevents engine failure. The torque rating is approximately 520 to 750 pounds per foot.

The lowest horsepower is 200 while the highest is 325. Shuttle buses, trucks, school buses and motor homes are common vehicles to find the ISB6.7 diesel engine. GDE is one web resource that supplies cheaper than average pricing for inventory.

Tips On Buying a Used Cummins Block

There are thousands of retailers that find and resell auto parts. Digging deep and avoiding errors requires good research. The truth is that not every seller is honest. Some are in it to move products, while others do care about consumers. Mileage is the very first thing, aside from MSRP, that should be learned prior to a sale.

It is true that most factory warranties are only for a two-year period. Buying something second hand might not come with a plan of protection. GotDieselEngines.com is one of a very short list of companies that include a warranty and its cost in the selling price.

Pricing for Replacement 6.7 Cummins

Even though only four gallons of oil fill the block, it is still cheap to own an ISB motor. Low maintenance is a benefit of buying these assemblies. People use this website to compare how much it costs to buy a complete build. Through a real time procedure, a quote in price is given through our database.

Sometimes, it just helps to speak to someone by phone. Our specialists can tell anyone about any component on a 6.7-liter motor. Things such as exterior condition, freight charges or compression tests can be discussed. In well under a minute, the order process can begin. Use our company as a go-to source to find a low mileage diesel.

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