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Cummins ISB 6.7 Engines for Sale

Cummins is one of the most respected builders of vehicle and industrial engines in the U.S. This independent company produces its ISB line of motors in the diesel market. The 6.7 is the most recent introduction since the year 2007. The long time pairing of the 5.9 series motors most used in Dodge Ram trucks was replaced with the new power of ISB 6.7. Got Diesel Engines sells Cummins ISB 6.7 engines for sale direct for consumers to purchase.

The ISB engine code for this engine is officially known as the B6.7. This is one of the variants of the B development in the past decade. The Dodge series trucks using this engine type include the 2500HD Ram series and the larger 3500 HD. This partnership with Chrysler has provided more access for average people to own one of these long-term usage diesel motors. These motors are known for compatibility with the six-speed 68RFE transmissions and higher.

Specs for ISB 6.7 Cummins Engines for Pickup Trucks

Every B6.7 motor is a gear driven cam shaft motor. There are a total of seven main bearings in the inline 6 design. The crankshaft is entirely a forged steel design and fuel injection is matched with seven injections for optimal power. The Cummins ISB motors have a compression ratio of 17.3:1 with a turbo charger included. The cast iron cylinder block provides enough room for EPA certified emissions control.

There are differences between the 6.7 motors and the 5.9 displacement editions. One of the noticeable differences is the larger cubic inch design. A total of 408 cubic inches and a total of 350 horsepower are part of the general Cummins ISB engine specs. The motors built prior to 2013 include the base 350 while the editions built after 2013 now include 385 horsepower.

What to Know When Reviewing Used Cummins ISB Engines Online

Shopping this GotDieselEngines.com website makes it an easier process when hoping to find prices under the list set by Cummins through U.S. dealerships. The vast majority of truck engine sellers only list engines with an MSRP online. The prices will always vary when research is conducted. Reviewing the specs of the 6.7 Cummins motors from this website can help any person to understand the price differences that are now common online.

There was a recall published in 2007 for the B6.7 editions due partly to failures in the O2 sensors. A change to the ECM design helped to eliminate clogging and ensure that now ODB II errors were found during diagnostics. The fuel economy was also upgraded as well as the general emissions components. All of the diesel motors for sale in the Cummins name brand on this website are editions that have been upgraded after the 2007 Cummins recall.

How to Buy a Used Cummins 6.7 ISB Engine for Less

The information provided on this website is informative to help the average motor buyer. There are many changes that take place during the manufacturing and distribution process for diesel motors in the U.S. Before a person buys a replacement engine, knowing how to spot good versus bad dealers is the key. The Got Diesel Engines company works to provide a low price strategy for all consumers using this website.

There is an online quotation request system that is useful on this page. A real time price can be reviewed while accessing the instant finder. This means no direct contact with a support specialist is needed to begin processing a sale. Prices for used Cummins engines listed here include all costs for warranty protection. The history of Cummins diesels is well preserved through this website as well as an affordable purchase price.