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Cummins 6CT Engines for Sale

Buying Cummins 6CT engines for sale on this resource is easy and inexpensive. Cummins built its 6CT in the 1985 year for use in large motor vehicles. Commercial use of this motor is popular although it has appeared in some consumer level trucks. These turbocharged motors are in demand as used condition units due to the longevity of Cummins motors in heavy-duty applications.

The 6CT cummins motor is a turbocharged six cylinder design. These are inline motors due to the larger cast iron block. The large 8.3 displacement provides plenty of torque for use in non-standard automobiles. Some manufacturers are using the 8.3 inside of recreational vehicles, firetrucks, motor homes and commercial trucks. Companies like Ford have introduced the 6CT 8.3 diesel in F250 trucks.

Cummins 6CT Engines Specs and Quality Data

The rating for horsepower can be different in the 8.3 depending on the application. The base model provides a 260 horsepower rating. Many of the big trucks and motor homes push the horsepower level to 400. There is a smaller 8.3 that has similar specs known as the ISC. These are not the same engine and can be confusing to a person who is researching the history of the ISC 8.3 engines in the U.S. diesel market.

Buyers of marine diesel engines can find compatibility with a similar Cummins motor. The 6CTA is the marine edition that carries the same specs as the automotive industry designs. Each of these designs uses the wet sump oil system in use after 1998. The 506.5 cubic inch design makes the Cummins 6CT diesel one of the biggest motors available in the North American motors industry.

What to Know Before Buying a Used Cummins 6CT Replacement

Cummins manufactures different versions of its 8.3 displacement motors. It is really helpful when determining the use of the motor when exploring availabilities online. The Got Diesel Engines company supports sales of auto, marine, industrial and agriculture motors. This means that finding 6CT generator motors is possible in the company inventory.

There are factory reconditioned, rebuilt and remanufactured editions that are retailed through some sources. Because these motors are completely refinished, the cost can be considerably higher than a used motor. All inventory that is found on this website is in what is known as preowned condition. This provides one of the easiest transactions for a Cummins 8.3 motor on the Internet.

How to Buy Cummins 6CT Engines for Sale Online

There are simple ways to find the best engine to fit as a replacement for automotive or industrial applications. The purchase process used on this website is easy to understand. The first phase of knowing how much to pay for a motor comes from price quote reviews. Any person can utilize programmed digital tools to review sale prices and other pertinent information.

A toll-free phone support line is also in place. This number serves the main offline contact method for price questions and shipping inquiries. The support provided to every consumer comes from Cummins motor specialists. All mileage, warranty terms and current sale prices can be delivered to a person who is ready to buy a 6CT used Cummins brand engine shipped to a U.S. address.