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Cummins 10.8L Engine for Sale

The 10.8L is a Cummins engine introduced in the early 1990s. It was the substitute for the outdated L10. The block is constructed of cast iron making it one of the strongest available. As a primary motor in buses and heavy-duty trucks, a lot of power is offered. People who use this GDE website can buy a used Cummins 10.8L engine for sale as a used unit.

The M series are all cooled by a water pump. From the factory, each block is fitted with a Holset turbocharger. The actual size of the unit is a straight 6 build. The M diesel engine is one of the most used versions in the United States.

Standard and CELECT M11

As technology improved, so did the way that fuel systems perform. In the early 1990s, The CELECT system was developed. This eventually made its way into the 10.8L M11 engine. The high pressure is provided through the camshaft. This innovation proved to be successful to help increase horsepower in larger vehicles.

There is a 659 cubic inch displacement in the used M11 Cummins engines that we sell here online. The hp range does go up and down. The smallest range is 280 hp while the largest is 500 hp. The RPM will always be different for RVs, firetrucks or motorhomes that use the late model builds.

Cummins Diesel Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who asks will find out a lot of hidden things about the older L10 and the M11 blocks. These are built to withstand hundreds of thousands of road miles. These are not generic auto parts. A great deal of time and patience goes into the production of the Cummins diesel motors.

Someone can always review the posted mileage on a preowned model. This is only one part of the evaluation procedure that can be used. Taking a look at the external rust and hoses can tell a lot about the abuse a unit has undertaken. GotDieselEngines.com retails the best-looking stock available anywhere on the Internet.

Prices for Used 10.8L Diesels

Are you wondering whether a Cummins M11 engine is good or not? The proof is in the operation of an assembly. We do tests, and then we do some more tests. This provides what we are retailing to the public will hold up. A totally free warranty plan is given with all orders placed here. The full pricing is obtained through our quotes platform.

Using this web based terminal, a person can begin to review our complete inventory. A phone call can then be placed to our sales department to finalize an order. Do not pay crazy prices for an eBay or Craigslist block. Check us first. We are usually the lowest price.

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