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Used Chevy Duramax Engine for Sale

Chevrolet diesel motors in 6.6 size were the upgrade to the outdated Detroit Diesel. The 2001 year brought with it the power and performance in the V8 technology in the 6.6 build. Starting out a search to buy a replacement motor does not have to be a long and enduring challenge. Got Diesel Engines offers the source that is needed to buy engines for a more affordable price. Quotes for used Chevy Duramax engine for sale inventory are given out right here online.

The original intention of the 6.6 configuration was to allow use in trucks that were developed or designed in partnership with Isuzu. This change to GM economics helped introduce a different manufacturing process in the creation of powerful diesel motors. There have been over one million motors produced the bare the Duramax or DMAX nameplates in the global auto industry.

Engine Codes for Duramax Diesel Motors

GM uses an RPO system for classifying all of the motors that are produced. This system offers a categorized method of keeping track of motors by year and time period of creation. This regular production option number system can be found stamped on the block of every motor that has been produced since the early 1990s. The nomenclature in the diesel industry is slightly different although the process is the same.

The different types of RPO codes used for the Duramax diesel engines are as follows:

1. LB7

This design was produced for a three-year period and was one of the first 32-valve builds. The common rail setup in these motors provided the long-term use of the Bosch fuel delivery systems.

2. LLY

This 6.6 block is the first motor to make use of the Garret turbocharged design that is now common in late model diesel motor production at General Motors. This second series was discontinued in the 2005 year to keep up with fuel emissions standards.

3. LBZ

A classic design offered from 2005 to the 2006 year was the LBZ block. These motors were consumer based and offered mostly inside of work vans and Express vans in the Chevrolet series. Different applications in the Sierra and Silverado are common.

4. LMM

The LMM and LML motors were used for a long stretch in the mid 2000s to promote the turbocharged four-valve design. Vehicles like the Topkick, Savana and Sierra received the bulk of installations of the LMM 6.6 Duramax engine.

5. LGH

The LGH motors started production in the 2010 year and were offered as an option to other motor types in larger GMC and Chevy vehicles. The 335 horsepower is one of the features of the LGH RPO motors.

Where to Buy GM Duramax Motors for Sale

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