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Used Chevy 6.2 Liter Diesel Engine

Durable, Reliable Chevy 6.2 Liter Diesel

Racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder Billy Durant set the vision at Chevy early with its insistence on value, performance and durability. High performance racing wins in motor sports proved it. A Chevy engine roaring across a race track is only out done by the roar of the crowd watching it.

Many Chevy owners prefer to keep the same vehicle and rebuild it as many times as possible. In the past finding parts quickly was a hassle, but no more. A quick trip to the website GotDieselEngines.com lets an owner fill out a form for parts that gets sent to a reputable replacement parts dealer. These reputable dealers send back a quote of price and availability. A Chevy owner can enjoy their family, get the best price quotes for his or her favorite vehicle and have parts delivered.

Looking for a Chevy 6.2 Liter Diesel?

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Diesel Line

The 1970s gas oil crisis, tough new emission laws, and the culture’s move toward using green technologies made the diesel engine a likely candidate for the family market. Diesel engines work by a direct injection cycle that relies on high temperature of compressed air to ignite the fuel in the cylinder. In 1982, the Chevy Diesel 6.2 served G20/30m Chevy Vans and Sportvans, full size pickups, 4WD Blazers, and Suburbans meeting emission laws of the time, and increasing fuel efficiency over previous gasoline engines.

Chevy Diesel 6.2 Specifics

The engine came from the Detroit Diesel Company a division of General Motors and was made specifically for Chevy trucks starting in 1982. Construction was of cast iron with cast iron heads in a V-8 design that focused on fuel economy of 20 to 21 MPG on the highway. For its time that was impressive. A compression of 21.5:1 using natural aspiration at 130 horse power that evolved to 143 horsepower over the years with a 3,600 RPM gave it the needed power to do a decent job of pulling loads. For everyday purposes, it met the needs.

Falling in love with a Chevy truck comes as American as apple pie. Many do get that fever. Now parting with your favorite Chevy is delayed if you use GotDieselEngines.com for a parts search. Check what update your Chevy needs today, fill out the form and give it a try.

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