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Used Caterpillar 3306 Commercial Diesel Engines for Sale

The Caterpillar Company Is A Vital Part Of Industrial And Economic Growth

It’s everywhere. On hats, shirts, cups, banners, and billboards. The Caterpillar name brings personality to the construction and engine manufacturing industries, and the company continues to develop new technologies that enhance the quality of life in one way or another.

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The Caterpillar brand can be so low key at times it goes unnoticed even though the company is supplying power to run the equipment consumers need for pleasure and work related endeavors.

Caterpillar has been around since 1925, but the impact that the Caterpillar brand has had on cultures around the world can’t be measured in years. It’s measured in economic growth. The industrial and agricultural advancements that expand the global workforce continue to be fueled by the Caterpillar technology that has been duplicated or tweaked to conform to certain industry standards.

Caterpillar was the first company to produce a diesel engine with a gas start back in 1931. Today, diesel engines are used in every industry to increase production and reduce fuel costs. The 3306 diesel is one of those engines that has versatility, power, and reliability written into its engine block so it continues to provide the trucking industry as well as the marine industry with the energy to expand financially as well as technically.

The 3306 diesel engine is known for easy maintenance and for the ease of rebuilding or overhauling it when it has performed diligently for untold hours and miles. The 3306 maintains excellent productivity in terms of fuel burned thanks to its direct injected process that controls fuel consumption.

The 3306 Is A Power House On The Water

CAT produces eight versions of the 3306 for marine use. Marine horsepower ratings start at 218 horsepower at 2,000 RPMs to 360 horsepower at 2,200 RPMs. All of those models share the same configuration. The inline 6 has the ability to sweep 641 cubic inches of air and fuel into its combustion chamber when the pistons move from top center to bottom center.

The 218 horsepower model has a brake specific fuel consumption of 0.0411 pounds per horsepower at 1200 RPMs. The engine has a bore diameter of 4.89 inches and an oil capacity of 7.2 gallons. It weighs 2,469 pounds and has a 4.8 gallon cooling reservoir. 

The turbocharger, vibration dampening system, and water-cooled manifold are standard. The torque ratings range from 563 ft-lbs to 967 ft-lbs so there’s plenty of gumption in every 3306 engine. The 3306 diesel is still a popular engine that keeps going long after the competition retires.

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