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Used Caterpillar 3126M Diesel Engines for Sale

Caterpillar Is Known For Its Ability To Keep Industry Moving

The positive results of the “Cat” brand are not always visible to consumers who are not tuned into the construction, agriculture, or mining industries. Caterpillar has been supplying diesel engines for heavy duty construction vehicles, farm equipment, boats, and school buses for decades. The Caterpillar 3126M Diesel Engines for Sale are just one marine engine in the Caterpillar product line that is respected for its power, performance, and low yearly maintenance costs.

Caterpillar engines and components are manufactured in 110 factories worldwide; there are 51 plants in the United States and 59 factories in countries around the world. The Mapleton Foundry Peoria, Illinois still produces the diesel engine blocks and other large parts. With sales and revenues of over 32 billion dollars annually Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of diesel and gas engines as well as construction and mining equipment.

Stories of some of the older diesel engines of the 1950s and 1960s are prevalent in some of the old farming communities and the 3126M marine engine is a product of the dedication that caterpillar has to diesel engine technology. The 3126M is a worthy competitor in the marine engine industry and continues to provide years of service as long as it is serviced regularly.

Caterpillar developed its own dry type single stage air cleaner as well as the belt-driven 51 amp, 12V alternator so the 3126M could function with the best in the marine engine class. The cooling system includes a jacket water pump, auxiliary sea water pump, a marine gear oil cooler, a coolant recovery tank, and an engine mounted heat exchanger. The water cooled turbocharged diesel has fuel system priming pump, a positive crankcase ventilation valve, crankcase breather, and 12V electric starter.

The Caterpillar Diesel 3126M Engine Is Dual Purpose

The Caterpillar 3126M is used in pleasure boats as well as in small commercial boats so it is offered in several different horsepower/RPM models. The 2136M measurements are approximately 42 inches long, 38 inches high and over 36 inches wide. Total weight is 1592 pounds for the 210 horsepower model; 1702 pounds for the 375 horsepower, and 1982 pounds for the 435 horsepower engine. The four stroke cycle engine is IMO complaint and has a compression ratio of 16.5:1 and 15.5:1 for the 435 horsepower model.

Even though there are several new Caterpillar marine engines on the market, the 3126M is still a formidable diesel engine that has the power to cut through the waves. Caterpillar 3126M Diesel Engines for Sale

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