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Cat C13 Used Diesel Engines for Sale

Caterpillar diesel motors can be found in industrial and on-highway vehicles like class 8 trucks. The C13 is one example of a modern day diesel motor that supplies performance to long haul truck drivers daily. Got Diesel Engines sells Cat C13 used diesel engines for prices that are hard to match on the Internet.

The C13 carries an inline 6 design. This means that unlike automaker V6 diesels, the motor provides full horsepower access without restriction. Searching for second hand truck motors does take a little time and effort on the Internet. The Cat engine resources that are provided here are meant to help the first-time diesel engine buyer.

Cat C13 Engine Specs for Class 8 Trucks

The rated horsepower of the C13 is 2,160. This power is spread out over a 12.5L displacement. It is possible to push the Cat C13 to 430 horsepower in most applications. While 2,100 is the maximum load power, use of the engine should stay between 1500 RPM at normal cruising speeds. Buyers of used Cat engines should know that it takes proper gearing to achieve the rated horsepower. The power level will always vary for a used motor.

The 2,100 governor on the C13 helps to prevent overload. There are self-diagnostics that can help owners of this motor to locate errors after an installation. The on-highway series of used motors that are for sale at the GotDieselEngines.co company are all evaluated builds. What this means is that an independent team has certified every unit before these units have been acquired. This provides one of the best condition motors that feature full OEM specs.

C13 Cat Engine: What to Expect During Usage

A turbocharger is included on these class 8 motors just like most modern diesels in production. There is a water pump that is gear-driven unlike some belt-driven applications. An ECM is installed in the C13 as well as a vibration damper to control engine noise. A person who buys one of these engines in preowned condition must use at least 11 gallons of recommended Cat oil for proper lubrication. The C13 motor specs validate the 17:1:1 ratio.

Where to Buy Used Cat C13 Motors for Sale Online

Got Diesel Engines supplies an instant quotes tool. It is through the usage of this public system that visitors on this website learn engine pricing. The approximate year and the Cat brand must be selected during the quote process. This will help prepare an accurate and locked in price for each assembly that is in stock. A person who is researching how to buy diesel engines online should appreciate this useful engines tool.

The procedures for buying motors offline do include a toll-free access line. Helpful associates always answer phones quickly when the national number is dialed. An overview of mileage, warranty plans and shipping policies is provided during a call. The final price quoted by phone is the only price that a Cat C13 motor buyer pays using GotDieselEngines.com.

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