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Buy Used Caterpillar 3126E Diesel Engines Wholesale Prices

The Caterpillar Name Is Important in The Diesel And Natural Gas Engine Industry. Buy Caterpillar 3126E Diesel Engines at Wholesale Prices, and get immediate service from the our world class customer service department.

When the Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Company merged in 1925 few people envisioned what the company would accomplish during the 20th century. The merger produced a giant in the construction and mining industries as well as the largest manufacturer of diesel and gas engines.

The Peoria based “Cat” brand is recognized and admired for its accomplishments world-wide. The company has over seven billion dollars in assets and is ranked number one in its industry and it’s number 44 on the Fortune 500. Engines like the 3126E help maintain the perception of this bigger than life brand that continues to produce reliable diesel engines for commercial use.

The first diesel/gas engine was a Caterpillar design. It played a huge role in the agricultural based mentality of the 1930s and 1940s. Diesel powered engines were built for all sorts of farm equipment so the Cat brand became a household word in America’s farming community. Caterpillar continues to fine-tune their diesel engine manufacturing skills. The 3126E is one of those products that is consistently recognized for its performance and efficiency.

The 3126E Is Known For Its Performance in Big Trucks and Buses

The Caterpillar 3126E requires an oil change every 15,000 miles as well as a fuel filter change at the same time, but the valve lash adjustment happens every 100,000 miles. The normal maintenance cost of this powerful diesel is around $1250 a year. The 3126E is equipped with a standard intake air heater for cold start when the temperature hovers in the thirties, twenties, teens, and down to zero. The side mount spin-on filter has no water in the fuel indicator, which prevent gelled indicators that can stop a bus and cost money in down time.

The engine structure uses the conventional individual main bearing cap design and the parent bore architecture gives the 3126E longevity in terms of road miles. It’s not uncommon to operate the 3126E for 300,000 to 600,000 miles without an overhaul as long as it is maintained properly.

The 3126E 210 horsepower engine has 605 ft-lbs of torque at 1440 RPMs; the 250 horsepower model has 660 ft-lbs of torque, and the 330 horsepower model produces 860 ft-lbs of torque at 1440RPMs. The 3126E is a powerful competitor as well as reliable performer that continues to play an important role in the school bus and heavy truck industry. Buy Caterpillar engines from GotDieselEngines.com and save money. the best costs less in the long run.

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