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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

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Used DT360 Engine 5.9L International

The DT360 is a diesel engine manufactured by International. These blocks have a 5.9L displacement. Although digital controls are not present, it does have a mechanical injection system. Anyone hoping to find a good price for a used DT360 engine can shop here online. The very best discounts are available 365 days a year. Inline 6-Cylinder DT360 The factory specs can be hard to come by since the DT series …Read More

International 9.0 Diesel Engine Used

The 9.0-liter is a diesel engine built by International Harvester. This block made its debut in the automotive world in 1975. As a primary build for buses and trucks, the D-Series class of V8 units were very popular. There is still a market to buy a used International 9.0 diesel engine online. GDE is a leader. 9.0 D-Series Diesels There is an ongoing argument that the D150, D170 and D190 …Read More

F250 6.9 Diesel Engine for Sale

Ford used the 6.9L IDI engine for the first time in 1983. This truck motor was produced by International Harvester. Known as a naturally aspirated diesel, people appreciated the powerful torque available. These motors are no longer in production, but can be purchased second hand. An F250 6.9 diesel engine for sale is available to order here. The final year of production was 1987 for the IDI 6.9-liter. Ford had …Read More

Cummins K Series Engine for Sale

The K series engines by Cummins are used in many applications. Some people use them for mining equipment. Other people use them for pickup trucks. There is a growing industrial market for the very used Cummins K series engine inventory that we sell here. When you are shopping for long-term performance, choosing from our stock of motors is a very wise decision. Buy here and pay less. There are many …Read More

Used Cummins N Series Engine

The N series engines from Cummins can be traced back to the early 1950s. The use in trucks, agricultural and other equipment are well documented. While some models were available for marine use, most people identify the diesel variants with on-road and machinery installations. A used Cummins N series engine is listed here for sale by GDE daily. The most popular displacement for the N blocks is 14L. This was …Read More

Used Cummins Q Series Engine

The Q family industrial and marine diesel engines are built by Cummins. These blocks are known to be powerful. Not only are they reliable, but they rarely fail during operation. Things makes these units a lot more cost effective than gasoline types. On this website, a used Cummins Q Series engine is always for sale. Depending on the industry, a difference in horsepower is often found. The certification Tier model …Read More

Cummins N14 Engine for Sale

The N14 is a diesel engine by Cummins. It was used inside of trucks, motor homes, generators and to power marine equipment. At the start of the 1997 year, the CELECT Plus fuel system was added. This improved the fuel delivery through electronic injectors. GotDieselEngines.com supplies used Cummins N14 engine for sale inventory from this website. How much horsepower does the N14 diesel have? The size of the turbocharger often …Read More

Cummins 10.8L Engine for Sale

The 10.8L is a Cummins engine introduced in the early 1990s. It was the substitute for the outdated L10. The block is constructed of cast iron making it one of the strongest available. As a primary motor in buses and heavy-duty trucks, a lot of power is offered. People who use this GDE website can buy a used Cummins 10.8L engine for sale as a used unit. The M series …Read More

Used Cummins L Series Engines

The L10 diesel was built in the year 1982, but was replaced in 1998 with the M11 series. Fans of these blocks appreciate the huge amount of power in the cast iron builds. Due to the versatility of the 8.9L, it has been placed in a number of heavy-duty vehicles. The best place to buy a used Cummins L Series engine is on this page. The Cummins 8.9 engine is …Read More

Isuzu 4HE1XS Engines for Sale

4HE1XS is an engine block built by Isuzu. It is now common to find the NPR series trucks using this edition. While it is only a four-cylinder unit, it does have a lot of torque available. Like most late model motors, it is a direct injection fuel platform. Right from this website, anyone shopping can buy Isuzu 4HE1XS engines for sale. Someone interested in the specs first will find good …Read More