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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

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Ford Ranger 2.3 Diesel for Sale

The Ranger by Ford used a 2.3L diesel in 1985. It was built by Mazda. An unsuccessful pairing of the Perkins 2.2 lead to the development of the four-cylinder 4D55. While this block was only an option for a one-year period, it is still pretty rare to find. People scour junk yards in the USA and Canada only to come up short. GotDieselEngines.com has a Ford Ranger 2.3 diesel for …Read More

Used Nissan K21 Engine

The K21 is used in Nissan forklift and pallet trucks. It is a small but powerful motor. The design is an inline 4-cylinder that is built to last. A brand new unit is hard to come by because these are imported into the United States. A cheaper option is to buy a used Nissan K21 engine from GotDieselEngines.com To repair a defective unit, people look for engine kits. These are …Read More

TB42 Engine for Sale

The TB42 is an engine built by Nissan. It was the first of the TB series used in the Patrol vehicles. The mid-1980s SUVs were popular in Europe and in other countries. Since the first run, the very TB42 engine for sale that well sell on this page was used in other industries. GotDieselEngines.com has cheap prices available to all people who shop here. Specs of the TB42 Motor A …Read More

FD35T Engine for Sale

Nissan and Freightliner trucks used FD35T engines. The first series was a non-turbo edition. Changes took place that helped the 3465 cubic centimeter block have a boost in power. By adding the turbo-diesel, more performance was easily achieved. GDE offers used FD45T engine for sale inventory at low prices here. The 4-cylinder turbo option was available in the H40 trucks. The Atlas was just one of the brands. There are …Read More

Used Nissan TB Engines for Sale

The TB series engines by Nissan were used first in 1987. A straight-six block was manufactured as an OHV model. The very first edition was known as the TB42. Changes were enacted a few years later that altered the fuel systems. Getting the best price for used Nissan TB engines for sale means shopping at GDE. Before the switch to electronic controls, carburetors were the delivery system of choice. It …Read More

Used FE6TA Engine

The Nissan FE6TA is a 6.9L diesel engine produced in the 1990s. It was an expanded variant of the original 1980 FE6. With it huge 423 cubic inch displacement, this block was used in buses and other powerful vehicles. GotDieselEngines.com sells used Nissan FE6TA engine inventory all around the United States. Like most Nissan truck motors, the 6.9-liter is an inline 6 build. This was partly to conserve fuel economy. …Read More

Used Maxxforce 7 Engine

Navistar manufactured its 6.4L diesel engine. It was used in Ford trucks in the early 2000s. This high pressure common rail block is a respected V8 power house. Due to the turbocharged capacity, the horsepower has been expanded in recent years. By using what is available on this website, someone can buy a used Maxxforce 7 engine for sale. Specs of the Navistar 6.4L Diesel Horsepower means a lot when …Read More

HT570 Engine for Sale

International built its HT570 diesel engine in 2003. This was unveiled to a very warm review by truck owners. The improved 9.3L displacement was welcomed in many industries. The VG Turbo that came stock from the factory was responsible for the initial 275 hp and now up to 340 hp for users. A used HT570 engine for sale is available to order here online. Someone who needs to estimate what …Read More

Used DT530 Engine for Sale

The DT530 is an International engine in 6-cylinder form. This block has an 8.7L displacement. It is a direct injection unit that is water cooled. The most common ways this motor is utilized is in larger trucks. Anyone can place orders for our used DT530 engine for sale right from this website. DT530 Engine Specs Revisions have taken place through the years that have altered the original factory specs. The …Read More

Used DT466 Engine International

The DT466 is a diesel engine used by International. It is now known as the Maxxforce DT. It quickly rose to fame in the year 1984. It is most commonly associated with use in big trucks and buses. The block is still in production although now an electronic fuel delivery system is utilized. GDE has a used DT466 engine ready for retail sale at a good price. 7.6L DT466 Specs …Read More