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LF9 Diesel Engine for Sale

The LF9 is a reliable diesel engine built for sale in the U.S. by Oldsmobile. Buy these used here online. The first production year was 1978 for the newly named 5.7 liter. The 350 CID was eerily similar to the small-block gasoline powered V8. General Motors had different divisions at the time building the bulk of its inventory. GotDieselEngines.com has an LF9 diesel engine for sale ready to ship to …Read More

Used VT365 Engine

The VT365 is a Navistar engine used in big trucks and Ford vehicles in the U.S. Its 6.0 liter displacement was even coined as the Powerstroke from 2003 to the 2010 year. This block has a fully working hydraulic injection system. It is one of the biggest V8 diesel assemblies that regular consumers can find. You can buy a used VT365 engine and save big here online. Specs of the …Read More

Used VT275 Engine By Navistar

Navistar used its VT275 diesel engine in Low Cab Forward trucks by Ford. The secret to the source of power on this block is the twin turborcharger setup. A change to the emissions standards in the mid 2000s required a change to the V series nomenclature. The MaxxForce 5 and the used VT275 engine on sale at this website are the same. Navistar 4.5 Liter Specs What you get is …Read More

T444E Used Engine

T444E is one type of used engine by International that is for sale on this website. Some people call it the Ford Powerstroke diesel. It is in fact what laid the ground work for the 7.3 liter development. It is a block known for being exceptionally reliable. When you go to swap your direct injection motor, you can buy a T444E used engine from us cheap. Specs of the T444E …Read More

8.2 l Detroit Diesel for Sale

The 8.2 is one popular Detroit Diesel engine that was made. It was famous for use in single axle dump trucks and Chevrolet B series buses. Since it was made for more than one application, it had a big displacement. Some people refer to this block as the fuel pincher V8. GotDieselEngines.com has a reliable 8.2 l Detroit Diesel for sale here. The specs of the 8.2 are kind of …Read More

Mazda B2200 Diesel Engine for Sale

The B2200 by Mazda was for sale with a diesel engine form 1986 to 1993. This 70 horsepower build was a 2.2 liter configuration. Although a gasoline version existed, people appreciate the alternative because of the fuel mileage. Got Diesel Engines has a Mazda B2200 diesel engine for sale in our updated inventory. The R2 code is what designates the diesel over the other options. Global manufacturing took place to …Read More

Used Kubota Diesel Engine

Using a Kubota diesel for industrial applications makes sense. The engines are top notch. While created with excellent parts, these builds will last for a long time. There is a reason why some brands are more popular than others. It is not just a personal preference. GotDieselEngines.com sells used Kubota engine inventory right here online. There are two-cylinder, four-cylinder and six-cylinder motors that have been manufactured in the past three …Read More

Dodge Ram 5.9 Diesel Engine

The 5.9L engine by Cummins was used in Ram trucks beginning in 1998. The first models had the standard direct injection for fuel delivery. This was changed in 2003 when the common rail system was developed. The 24-valve OHV is the most popular to find. GotDieselEngines.com can sell you a Dodge Ram 5.9 diesel engine in used condition. Specs of the 5.9-Liter The block is a cast iron polymer. The …Read More

Ford F250 Diesel Engine for Sale

The 6.7L diesel engine is used in the Ford F250 4×4 truck. It is one of the biggest blocks available for regular sized automobiles. Since the 7.3-liter is no longer available, people have turned to the next best thing. Ford Motor Company built its own block and quality matters. To buy a Ford F250 diesel engine for sale, use our easy ordering system at DPF. Specs of the 6.7L Diesel …Read More

Ford Escort 2.0 Diesel Engine

The RF is a Mazda diesel engine used in the Escort. Its 2.0L displacement was a good option in 1983. Ford has used this in other compact vehicles too. The Tempo and the Topaz had limited term installations. The distribution of second hand inventory is our specialty. Let Got Diesel Engines sell you a used Ford Escort 2.0L diesel engine today. Specs of the 2.0 Diesel The cubic centimeters are …Read More