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Audi A3 Diesel Engine for Sale

Audi used a 2.0L diesel motor block in its second generation A3 cars in 2003. The first installation was the TDI edition. This was later upgraded to the turbo fuel stratified injection system. The four-cylinder construction is still pretty tough. GDE always has a stock of Audi A3 diesel engine for sale inventory right here online.

Specs of the DOHC 2.0

Gasoline, or petrol in European markets, is the most people engine type. Audi just like VW took out a stake in diesel engine development. The dual overhead cam versions are what can be ordered here. The basic specs of the build includes 16 valves.

The heads are aluminum as well as the cylinders. The block is cast iron just like it has been since early 1996. The I4 block has a 1984 cubic centimeter size. The promoted top speed of the A3 motor is approximately 150 horsepower. An average of 27 miles per gallon can be expected.

The 121 cubic inch displacement build rounds out the four-cylinder size. The 8P and Sportback trim in the USA holds the 2.0-liter TFSI edition. The turbocharged direct injection version was eventually phased on from production.

A3 Motor Reliability

There are always negative reports from some car owners online. Everything from needing a block heater to hearing knocking noises has been posted. GotDieselEngines.com deals with suppliers that feature validated inventory. A consumer going to swap an Audi A3 block needs to know the assembly is reliable.

There is no noise or defects in what can be ordered here. Not only is this attributed to good build quality, it means our experts know how to pick a motor. The preowned stock that is located in our main warehouse is always compression tested before distribution.

Buy Used Audi A3 2.0L Diesels

There are no gasoline models on sale here. Everything that is provided uses diesel fuel. A vehicle identification number helps to identify the version of the 2.0-liter we provide. Someone using our quotes system can provide such details. Accessing our computer database will promote our lowest prices.

A body shop, sedan car owner or mechanic can even get pricing over the phone. Our sales staff always works hard. When we are not crating and shipping inventory, we are on the phone helping consumers. The used Audi A3 auto parts that we sell are guaranteed. Buy from GDE and get a guaranteed MSRP discount.

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