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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used 6.2 Chevy Diesel

Used 6.2 Chevy Diesel Engines For Sale

Are you looking for a 6.2 Chevy Diesel? Gotdieselengines.com can help. We have an exhaustive network of vendors we would like to make available to you. Finding a 6.2 diesel motor could prove difficult on your own. Calling salvage yard after salvage yard would be a waste of time that could be better spent actually working on your vehicle. Let Gotdieselengines.com help you find the motor your looking for.

Looking for a 6.2 Chevy Diesel Engine? Call Us today or use our engine finder at the top of this page.

The 6.2 diesel motor was introduced by GM in 1982. It was used in GMC and Chevy C or K trucks as well as the H1. It was a pioneer in fuel efficiency for large vehicles. It has been estimated to get up to 23mpg. Which, for SUV’s and trucks is outstanding fuel efficiency even by today’s standards. The 6.2 Chevy Diesel was used until 1993.In addition to it’s fuel efficiency it’s also known for it’s durability. As many owners will tell you when properly maintained it can last for hundreds of thousands of miles.
It’ durability, efficiency, and prevalence make it a optimal choice for anyone restoring an older model truck. Motors with it’s fuel efficiency are next to impossible to find for older models. It’s wide availability has made it easy to find and also available at a bargain price. As of 2010 It has been available at as low as $500. A bargain when compared to most motors and certainly a value with it’s durability and efficiency.
Restoring or repairing a vehicle can be difficult in it’s own right. Gotdieselengines.com wants to help make your repairs a lot easier. Let our network of used parts suppliers make your project a lot easier.
Type in the part your searching for in our parts locator, we will provide you with a list of parts. Our network of suppliers will compete for your business. Essentially helping you get the cheapest price possible on your motor. Once you’ve been offered a price your happy with simply select your part. Even if your part isn’t available locally our network is nationwide, we can have the part delivered.
Our service is a customer focused innovation. We will provide you with the engine you need at a price our competitors couldn’t match if they wanted to. Use our service and you wont regret it. We know you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with your experience.


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