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6.6 Duramax Engine for Sale

6.6 motors have been produced by General Motors in the U.S. market since the 2001 year. A co-production agreement between GM and Isuzu is still in place and more than a million DMAX series diesel motors have been produced for resale. Buying a 6.6 Duramax engine for sale does not have to be a frustrating experience. Got Diesel Engines provides the support and the prices that used parts buyers expect from a top-tier motor supplier.

General Motors classifies that DMAX engines under different RPO codes. These codes are known as regular production option identifiers. These codes are used in place of production years to determine when a motor was built to help replacement parts buyers. There are RPO codes used for most diesel and gasoline motors produced over the past two decades of production. It is possible that some diesel RPO codes have been reused due to changes at manufacturing facilities. All Chevy diesel engines use RPO code identification.

Review Specs for 6.6 DMAX Engines Online

There are a minimum of seven total RPO codes used for the DMAX motors produced after the 6.5 Detroit Diesel. These are the LGH, LMK, LMM, LML, LBZ, LLY and LB7. It is helpful to a person ready to buy a motor to know what engine code is which. This is the fastest way to research the approximate replacement needed. Got Diesel Engines offers a matching service by phone for any person who does not know the RPO code for the requested DMAX motors.

There are 402.7 cubic inches in the block of each 6.6 Duramax engine. These V8 editions offer a turbocharger and are always inter cooled. The build is based on a four-valve overhead cam design that is standard in most modern day diesel engine manufacturing. The horsepower of each motor starts at 305 and goes upwards depending on when the motor was produced. The fuel systems in most DMAX replacement motors is a Bosch delivery system.

What to Know Before Buying 6.6 DMAX Engines for Sale

GM has reserved placement of its Duramax V8 inside of specific vehicles. Not all full-size SUV and pickup trucks are compatible with the different engine applications available. The vehicles that are compatible with the 2001 and later builds for the used 6.6 diesel motors at GotDieselEngines.com are the following: Silverado HD, Sierra, Savana, Chevy Express, Top Kick, Hummer H1 and Chevy Kodiak vehicles with modern emissions controls.

Any VIN number matching takes place during initial contact through this website or by phone. The different codes that are part of the RPO nomenclature should be identified before a person tries to make a purchase. This will guarantee that the right diesel is purchased and no unqualified installations are attempted. The right price and the right service is crucial when buying a used Chevy diesel motor for sale.

How to Buy 6.6 Duramax V8 Engines for Sale

A quote process is the best way to receive an individual price from this website. A quote includes all of the essential details that are important when considering a motor purchase. The low sales price, information about shipping, applicable core charges and other data is always presented. This used to be the same data provided when engine buyers shopped using offline companies. The process is now automated when requested on this website.

Buyers who demand to speak with a diesel engine expert use the toll-free number on this page to make contact. This is the point that questions are answered and prices are distributed. This method is also useful when a person does not have access to a mobile phone or Internet connection and cannot use the online quotes system.