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We’ve Got Diesel Engines For Sale at Deep Discounts

Used 4HK1 Isuzu Engine

The 4HK1 is an Isuzu engine block. These were designed to power the NPR HD and N series trucks. Instead of the direct injection platform, a common rail design was initiated. People shopping for a turbo or non-turbo used 4HK1 Isuzu engine can be inventory here online.

The displacement is 5.2L is the 4H class. There are a total of 16 valves on the standard block. The Denso fuel system is an upgraded compared with Bosch or other companies in previous models. The top speed maxes out at 2600 RPM.

Reliable 4HK1 Diesel Blocks

Isuzu service manuals claim that up to 10,000 miles can pass prior to an oil change. While some people adhere to this data, other people choose to put new oil in at regular intervals. The compression on the block is 18:5:1.

The total horsepower is slightly different when it comes to second hand models. The condition of the parts, age of the block and total mileage count can degrade the power level. Not every retailer will road test a motor prior to offering one for sale.

Complete Isuzu Motors with Warranties

There are no promises when it comes to purchasing secondary market auto parts. The same is true for a motor. The difference is that GDE does provide its own warranties. We feel that someone taking the time to get to know our company should be protected.

Parts installed in factories across the globe can and will fail. The good news is that because the four-cylinder diesel inventory we sell is fairly new parts can be acquired. What is and what cannot be covered is written into our policies.

Buy Second Hand 4HK1 Motors Here

If you are shopping for a four-cylinder diesel engine, you can get some good deals here. GotDieselEngines.com specializes in domestic and import inventory. To make it easier for all consumers, a special quote process is the best way to review pricing.

This is not the only way to review or compare our MSRP. Our toll-free number can be called at any hour of the day. We have a team in place providing excellent support. Sometimes it just helps to have a little assistance before checking out. Arrangement of shipments, credit card payments and other things can be completed with an average phone call.

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