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Isuzu 4HE1XS Engines for Sale

4HE1XS is an engine block built by Isuzu. It is now common to find the NPR series trucks using this edition. While it is only a four-cylinder unit, it does have a lot of torque available. Like most late model motors, it is a direct injection fuel platform. Right from this website, anyone shopping can buy Isuzu 4HE1XS engines for sale.

Someone interested in the specs first will find good data here. The displacement on all factory blocks is 4.8L. The top speed can differ slightly. Base models were meant to have a 145 hp to 175 hp range. This is typical for the SOHC editions.

N Series Truck Replacement Motors

The compression in the 4HE1XS is 17:3:1. A Zexel fuel pump is the standard model although some units sold as used have other ones installed. The top RPM is 2700. A dual drive belt cooling system keeps the engine cooler during operation.

It is a lot more common to find an Asin automatic transmission in use with most of the 4.8-liter models. It takes 13 liters of oil to fill up the pan at the bottom of the block. Air cooling is a nice touch instead of relying on a third-party cooling system.

Isuzu H Engines in Stock

There are no stock sheets listing generic inventory here. Only what is sitting in our shipment warehouse right now is for sale. This lessens the chance that someone would get their hopes up prior to ordering. The entire H motor family is supported here. These turbocharged diesel engines from Isuzu are hard-working builds.

What we sell is junk yard editions. These have been removed from NPR trucks or acquired elsewhere. A warranty is always included for a person who places an order. We deal in second hand inventory, but this still means quality is high.

Buy Low Mileage 4HE1XS Blocks

We try hard to verify all block mileage for customers. Because of our various suppliers, this is not always possible. What is available to ship can be delivered anywhere in North America. This provides the best range for mechanics, service centers and regular people.

The quotes computer system on this website handles all price data requests. People are shown or e-mailed our discount MSRP. Ordering by phone is an optional method some buyers still appreciate. Our team is always ready to help. From explaining warranty terms to arranging a fast delivery, GDE comes through for its customers.

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