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Cummins 4BT Engine for Sale

4BT is the smallest Cummins engine favored by truck and van owners. It was produced starting in the mid 1980s. Known for its positive torque, people like to swap a lesser motor for the B-series. A variety of motor vehicles can accept the very Cummins 4BT engine for sale on this website. Shipments take place daily to California, Texas, Florida and other states.

Cummins 4BT Engine Block Specs

The displacement on all variants was 3.9L. The inline four-cylinder might seem small, but was perfect for SUVs, vans and other automobiles. The cubic inch displacement is 239. The metal used for construction was cast iron. This was selected to provide strength. It also provides good heat absorption.

There are only two valves for every cylinder. The output was 105 horsepower. This is the most common speed level achieved. A mechanical injection pump was applied to handle fuel delivery needs. The stock compression was 17:5:1 when not modified.

The OHV powertrain requires 10 quarts of oil for a full motor. One of the first things someone should check when ordering a Cummins 4BT performance engine is the oil requirements. Some second hand market retailers do not list accurate specifications from Cummins.

Reliability of 4BT Diesels

A large number of delivery trucks, like bread trucks, have a 3.9L 4BT installed. The very reliable power and fuel mileage are just two good points. Most people get well over a couple hundred thousand miles of use before a problem happens. Compared to the 6BT Cummins, the smaller version holds up well.

One element that makes people nervous is a warranty. A truth in the junk yard industry is the absence of parts protection. Yes, a retailer can have a cheaper MSRP. That does not mean a build will hold up after it is installed. GDE has a respected parts warranty policy.

Buy Used 4BT Cummins 2-Valve Motors

It is hard sometimes to find a good condition diesel motor. With the rising prices of remanufactured models, more people are searching for preowned units. GotDieselEngines.com places its inventory online for a reason. This is to show people how inexpensive a 4BT swap can be using the right resource.

A web quote here or a phone call can be placed to discover our pricing. It takes just a second or two of time. People who do not want to speak with a service expert get online pricing. Going a step further and validating mileage takes a quick call. Shipping costs in the USA and Canada are always calculated and sometimes free.

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