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24v Cummins Engine for Sale

24V motors are often found in diesel applications in the United States. Cummins is one of the largest producers of vehicle motors with more than 12 valves. The usage of powerful diesel engines inside of Chrysler brand pickup trucks has introduced the public to the performance offered by the Cummins company. A person visiting this website for the first time can buy 24V Cummins engine for sale inventory at a price that is affordable.

The 1989 year was the first period of manufacturing for the 5.9L 12v motors. The Ram trucks in development at the time made use of the 5.9L as an alternative to the 5.2 gasoline V8. The branding of Cummins motors with the Dodge truck lineup has been a pairing that has lasted more than 25 years. The phase out in the mid 2000s of the Cummins 12v engines has helped GotDieselEngines.com to offer the larger 5.9L motors for sale online.

Specs for 12V Cummins Engines

The design of the Cummins 24 valve provided room for the 359 cubic inches in the engine block. The 5.9L is an inline motor that features six full cylinders. The fuel delivery systems that were in use on the smaller 12 valve Cummins engines were replaced in later editions with a Bosch system. The increased the compression ratio to 16:3:1. There is a high output Cummins that does feature 17:2:1 ratios. Got Diesel Engines supplies each of these units.

The aspiration is controlled in the mid 2000s diesel engines by a Holset turbocharger. This is part of the inter cooled engine technologies used by Cummins for the truck series motors. There are four valves for each cylinder in the 24 valve editions to compliment the overhead valve design. A person installing one of these motors must use a minimum of 12 quarts of oil to successfully lubricate the inline six Cummins diesels.

What to Know When Buying a 5.9L Diesel Engine

Shipping can hurt a discount price that is found through some retailers online. The ultra low pricing that some auction companies promote often leaves out the actual cost of shipping. The 5.9L Cummins weighs 1,150 pounds. This can easily raise the purchase price when shipping costs are calculated. All orders processed through GotDieselEngines.com include direct shipping costs. The final year of mass production for the 5.9L was 2007.

How to Buy 5.9L Cummins 12V Engines Online

No person has to conduct research for a used diesel engine away from this website. The general history of the Cummins/Ram engines has been provided as well as information about the specs. While this information is useful, what affects most decisions to buy a motor is the sale price. Got Diesel Engines company supplies an instant price once the quotation tool on this website is utilized. The year and make are the only two questions that need answered to generate the in effect sale pricing found here.

A buyer who is not quite ready to experience the torque and horsepower of a standard or high output used Cummins engine can get more information by calling the specialists here by phone. Any details about mileage, exact terms of warranty and transmission compatibility are provided. This compliments the easy engine quote system used by a large percentage of buyers who visit this diesel resource.