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Used 2002 Cummins Engine

2002 Cummins Diesel Engines For Sale

The Cummins engine has long been widely considered to be the industry standard for the workhorse type of engines that many blue collar workers need for hauling cargo and maintaining a cost effective gas mileage while doing so. The 2002 Model of Cummins is no exception, and GotDieselEngines.com can assist you in finding your next salvage 2002 Cummins engine.


The 2002 model of this popular type of motor continued to build on their reputation for expert craftsmanship, towing, fuel economy capacity. These motors were made with a 24-valve system, and although they are not as sought after as the earlier 12-valve system they still offer a lot of advantages to the Cummins consumer. First of all, they offer an advanced electronic control interface, and they still maintained their advanced towing capacity as well. Another contribution to this model and year was the Bosch fuel system, which offered increased fuel pressure and a slight increase in timing. For the 2002 year two different horsepower speeds were offered, one with 235 and another version which was slightly higher at 245. GotDieselEngines.com can help you to locate dealers who have both versions of engines available to better meet your needs.


One of the major problems with the 24 valve style of engine is that of poor fuel pressure. When that fails, then the injection pump can fail, and that is very expensive to replace. A good rule of thumb for this engine if you are having trouble starting it in very warm conditions then you are probably going to have to replace the injection pump. Many consumers note that replacing the lift pump must go along with an injection pump replacement as well.

The vendors at GotDieselEngines.com can help answer any questions you might regarding the purchase of your used 2002 Cummins Engines. They are a network of experienced professionals who understand what components have a propensity to fail on these and other motors, and their knowledge can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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GotDieselEngines.com can help you get your 2002 Cummins Engine with our network of literally thousands of vendors across the country competing for your business. You can be assured that with our service you will be able to get your Cummins at the most reasonable price possible.

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