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Used 1993 Dodge Cummins For Sale

1993 Dodge Cummins for Sale

The Dodge Cummins engine has become increasingly popular among Dodge consumers because of its stellar torque, power, and towing capacity as well as its effective gas mileage while pulling cargo. The Dodge Cummins B engine was introduced in 1989 and was continued until 1998. This popular engine is available from salvage by all of GotDieselEngines used auto parts dealers throughout the country.


The 1993 Cummins Engine was a part of the B family, and many of these engines had a 5.9 liter specification and were of the 12-valve variety, and they were one of the first engines introduced into Dodge’s light truck inventory. Specifically the 1989-1993 engines had a fairly strong showing of horse power at 160 and had a torque of 400 pound-feet. (NOTE: pound-feet is where one pound of force is exhibited at a one-foot distance) In other words, very good towing capacity. This engine was also designed in a 3.9 liter variety for Dodge turbo diesels, but this was usually manufactured for light duty trucks such as bread trucks and other such delivery types of vehicles. GotDieselEngines’ network of used auto parts retailers has all types of Dodge Cummins motors in their stock and can help you find either type for your needs.


Like any car manufacturer, there are certain things that have a propensity to break down or give the consumer problems on various items, including a Cummins. Most people report good experiences with their Cummins system, but the vendor that you choose from GotDieselEngines.com can answer any questions you might have about purchasing your used Cummins motor. One problem that some have reported would be in the injector system. Some individuals have reports that the injectors have malfunctioned and led to engine failure. Others have reported that the lift pumps can cause difficulty. The pros of this engine are that it has a reputation for being well-built, and has great towing capacity and strong fuel economy.


GotDieselEngines.com is the hub for a network of parts and engine dealers across the country. Finding a 1993 Dodge Cummins for sale is no problem when you use our nationwide network. We bring used salvage dealers together all across the United States into one site. Our dealers compete for your business, and once you choose a seller you save money. Because we allow parts houses to supply you with their best pricing and services, we can help you find your next Cummins engine at a reasonable price.

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